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Всё активней в странах СНГ внедряется защита крупных производителей софта от пиратов, и в России, если вы держите на рабочем месте компьютер, теперь вы обязательно должны предоставить сотрудникам правоохранительных органов подтверждение того, что ваш софт лицензионный, иначе вы будете оштрафованы и притянуты к административной ответственности...
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Want to take a virtualized test drive? See our collection of pre-built VirtualBox VMs for Database App, Java, and SOA/BPM development. (A variety of Oracle VM Templates are also available for those users.). Close PLATFORMS POPULAR LINKS CATEGORIES HELP SETTINGS Enter to. Search Popular Apps...
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Postal 2 stp no cd

Manuscripts should be written in a clear and concise manner and submitted in the final form. Authors are to submit a whole set of documents: a directive from the institution (1 copy) - for Russian authors only; a manuscript signed by the authors, including a. The number, the first author's name, TOP and BOTTOM must be written on the back side. Halftone photos must be of good quality and be made on white glossy paper in duplicate, no Xerox copies are acceptable. The papers of the same author are arranged in chronological order. Only common abbreviations are permitted. In the text, refer to references by the author's name and year of publication in parentheses. No references to unpublished papers are allowed. Their format should provide clarity and presentability. The legend and any inscriptions must be in Russian; units are given microphone echo software pc after a comma. Captions must be self-consistent. Additional abbreviations (if any) should be explained after the caption. The authors will be notified of their manuscript's receipt within two weeks. Submitted manuscripts are subjected to peer review and, if accepted, to scientific editing. The referees' comments are sent to the authors in either electronic (accepted manuscripts) or written (rejected ones) form. If revision of the original manuscript is required, authors will have a maximum of three months (from receipt of the referees' comments) to revise and re-submit it in duplicate with the original version. O. tarda ). All measurements and data should be given in SI units. Tables should not be imbedded in the text, they are printed on separate A4 sheets. Lengthy (multi-page) tables are not recommended, bulky data should be distributed in several tables.