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Panasonic dvd player dvd-rv30 manual
We offer online owners manuals and user manuals so you can print out your owners manual. We carry the owners manual and instructions manuals for your treadmill, home gym, electronics, power equipment, tv s, ipod s, nintendo, play station, cameras, boats and more. We will...
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Yamaha boat motors manual

Yamaha boat motors manual

Shaft Length Fits 25 in. except F40 20 in. Starting System Electric with F40 having manuel option. Weight F115 415lb, F90 390lb, F60 268lb and F40 223lb. The following specifications apply to all models. Displacement T60 60.8ci(996 cc T50 60.8ci(996 cc T25 30.4ci(498 cc T9.9 12.9ci(212 cc) and T8 12.0ci(197 cc) Alternator Output T60 and T50 17A, T25 13A, T9.9 and T8 6A Fuel/Induction System T60 and T50 SOHC Fuel Injection, T25 SOHC carb, T9.9 and T8 SOHC Ignition. 10A on F20 and F15, 6A on F9.9, 8 and 6 and others not appliicable Fuel/Induction System F4 and 2.5 OHV all others SOHC Lubrication F4 and 2.5 Splash all others Wet Sump Ignition System CDI Micro Computer except F4 and F2.5 TCI Starting System. Warranty 2 Year Limited Pleasure Boat 1 Year Limited Commercial. Two Stroke Midrange 90hp  70hp  50hp Engine Type 3 Cyl. Displacement 90hp 69.6ci(1140 cc 70hp 51.8ci(849 cc) and 50hp 42.6ci(698 cc) RPM Range 70hp. On this page you will find information on Yamahas new outboard motors including 2 Strokes, Jet and Four Strokes below 115HP. On our other page here Yamaha Outboards you can find information on all Four Strokes over 115HP. Rating 3-Star Lubrication Wet Sump RPM Range Ignition System TCI Micro Computer Warranty 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat 1 Year Limited Commercial High Thrust Yamaha Outboard Engines T60hp  T50hp  T25hp  T9.9hp  T8hp Engine Type T60 and T50 4 cyl others 2 cyl. Engine Type 4 cyl except the F40 3 cyl. Displacement F115 106.2 ci (1741 cc F90 97 ci (1596 cc F60 60.8 ci (996 cc) and F40 45.6 ci (747 cc) Jet Pump Horse Power Rating at 5500 RPM  F115 80hp, F90 65hp, F60 40hp. It will be reviewed and as long as it contains no advertising will be published. Outboards on E Bay are located on the homepage. Yamaha Outboard Boat Motors Jet Drive Yamaha Outboard Motors F115, F90, F60,and  F40. It will be reviewed and as long as it contains no advertising will be published. Thank You For Visiting Yamaha Outboard Motors.